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▶ Cleaner

Usage PN* Characteristics
Deposit degreaser Cleaner S-20
Supra Clean D-70
  • Excellent wetting and removal of oxidized layer
  • Suitable as acidic degreaser for copper plating processing
  • Excellent removal of oxidized layer
  • Can be used at room temperature; almost no etching on copper
Supra Clean D-80
  • Excellent removal of oxidized layer as an alkaline degreaser
  • Low post-treatment pollution owing to its excellent flushability

PN* = Product Name

▶ Soft Etching

Usage PN* Characteristics
Soft Etching treatment SupraEtch RT Series
  • Enhanced adhesion of dry film by forming illuminance on copper surface
  • Excellent working environment, since there is no toxic gas or smell
  • Excellent prevention of oxidation on copper surface and water marks
  • Solution safe with sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide

PN* = Product Name

▶ Brown Oxide

Usage PN* Characteristics
Brown oxide SupraBond AT Series
  • Low working temperature, very short treatment time
  • Excellent adhesion between copper circuit and insulation resin
  • Excellent adhesion even after heat and shock
  • Excellent peel strength for various pre-pregs

PN* = Product Name

▶ Acid Copper Plating

Usage PN* Characteristics
Horizontal high- speed electric copper plating line SupraCop HT-300
  • Uniform plating particle and gloss plate layer
  • Excellent metal distribution ratio
  • Suitable for horizontal high speed electrical copper plating
Rack line electric copper plating SupraCop HT-500
  • Suitable for Rack
  • Excellent metal distribution ratio
Reverse pulse plating SupraCop PR-120
  • Excellent metal distribution ratio
  • Stable and easy to manage solution
  • Suitable for Reverse Pulse plating
Micro via Fill-use copper plating SlotoCoup SF-30
  • Plating solution for Micro via Hole filling
  • Low internal stress and excellent stability against heat shock
  • Suitable for Pattern and Panel plating
  • Excellent Via Hole filling
  • Simultaneous plating of Via Hole and PTH possible

PN* = Product Name

▶ Stripper

Usage PN* Characteristics
Nickel stripper SupraStrip Ni-70
  • Almost no toxic gas
  • High stripping speed and low working temperature
  • Easy to use; corrosion of metal minimized
Gold plating stripper SupraStrip Au-80
  • Minimized copper and nickel layer corrosion as a gold plating stripper
  • Suitable for gold plating stripping of electronic goods
  • Easy to use, since there is no toxic matter
Tin- tin-lead alloy stripper SupraStrip SS-100
  • No sedimentation after stripping
  • One-component type stripper with nitric acid
  • Low heat generation; separate analysis and management not required
Dry-Film stripper SupraStrip DF Series
  • Uniform particle size; has excellent oxidation prevention effect
Copper stripper CU-100
  • Excellent stability of bath based on sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Consistent copper etching rate at 40g/L of Cu+2 content in the solution.
  • The decomposition of H2O2 is suppressed to a great extent by the stabilizer in the solution.

PN* = Product Name

▶ Others

Usage PN* Characteristics
Half gloss tin plating (rack, barrel) SupraTin S-10
  • No-gloss tin plating process with sulphuric acid
  • Bright, fine plating layer
  • Low carbon content in plate layer
Metathesis tin plating SupraStan ET Series
  • Excellent soldering
  • Uniform metathesis tin plating layer on surface
Anti-oxidant agent SupraHibit PR-20
  • Prevents discoloration on the copper surface by coating surface with organic matter
Anti-electrostatic agent SupraHibit AS-100
  • Controls static on material surface
  • No foam; can be used at room temperature
  • Separate post-treatment not required; can be treated through flush drying

PN* = Product Name